About QuranUrduTranslation.com

This is a new project that I have just started. The idea for the site came to me when talking to my daughter about an old Urdu Quran translation that I had in the form of a PDF in my collection of dawah documents.

This led us to research the traffic for the phrase “Quran urdu translation” on Google, using the tool UberSuggest. Since the monthly search volume was in the range of 22,000 searches for these keywords in various combinations, it led us to register the domain so we could think of ways of how to first, share the PDF I have of the Noble Quran Translation from the King Fahd Quran Printing Complex, and secondly, make a searchable translation available at a later  date, on the lines of our vastly popular QuranYusufAli.com website.

This website was created during the third week of Ramadan 2023, in a time span of three days. We intend to improve the site’s content as and when we get time and find the relevant sources of content to expand it.

I hope this resource will be a valuable companion on your journey towards understanding and appreciating the timeless wisdom of the Holy Quran.

If you have any questions, feedback, or ideas, please feel free to leave feedback using this form.

Yasser Masood